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Going back
to the roots

Going back to the roots. The carrot is one of the most common vegetables in the world. According to some scholars, it derives from the cross-breeding of some botanical varieties indigenous to the Mediterranean; according to others, however, it
originated in the Far East, despite it being known to the Greeks and Romans who, above all, appreciated it for its medicinal properties.
Nowadays La Viola is widely known and appreciated for its nutritional characteristics and for its organoleptic properties, which make it a suitable vegetable for those who want a fibre-rich diet, as well as those who love good food.
Today, La Viola is grown on approximately 20 ha and in 2011 it was included among the traditional Slow Food products as a leading example of a new model of agriculture, based on quality, on collecting old knowledge and traditional production techniques.

On average, La Viola has around 22% less glucose, fructose and sucrose than commercial carrots, with a higher percentage of glucose and fructose than sucrose. La Viola has a high nutritional and “nutraceutical” value, and seems particularly well suited to meet the growing demand for healthy food. It has also been noted that our carrots have greater antioxidant properties than regular carrots and provide higher quantities of vitamin A. Raw or cooked, these carrots are delicious and can
be used for making both sweet (cakes, jams) and savoury (side dishes, pies, pasta dishes) meals.

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